We lost Carolyn on March  27th to pancreatic cancer. We had received the original diagnosis on our 43rd wedding anniversary last April which gave us very little time but she outlived it by 5 months thus allowing us more time together and with our family. I was in the Navy when Carolyn and I met in the summer of 1969 at a drop zone near San Diego as were both skydivers and from the moment I met her, I knew that we were destined to be together. Well, that's what I thought, it just took another year to get her to see my side of the things. What really happened was a few months after we met, the Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine I was on left for a 6 month deployment to the Far East so I assumed that we would write each other to stay in touch. She quit corresponding after a couple of months and when I got back in May of 1970, none of our friends had seen her. A few weeks later, knowing her family had a ranch in El Cajon near the drop zone, as I was driving back to Point Loma on Sunday afternoon I spotted her coming up behind me in her little blue VW. She was a little embarrassed when she finally saw me but we pulled off the freeway and have been together ever since. Little did I know that I was about to marry into the horse business which changed our direction in life a few times leaving me with no regrets. We had big plans for my retirement in that we were going to move to Paris (France) for a year so we could see Europe at our leisure. So hug the ones you love and do take the time to do those special things you have been talking about for so long. At the end of the day, you really never know what the future holds. Scott

Please note: I have liquidated the horses with the exception of Hollywood White who will continue to stand at Larry Lentschke’s Meridian Equine Center

Scott & Carolyn Gipson have been breeders of high performance horses since 1971. In the early 70's, Carolyn's father, the late Arabian Racing Association of California Hall of Fame Trainer Chuck Tolbert, began the family legacy of breeding extraordinary performance horses by owning and/or breeding and training a National Champion Racehorse, a Horse of the Year and Filly of the Year (the first time a mare was ever to be so honored), and many other stakes champions. To extend that influence, the family bred the 1980 Tevis Cup winner and numerous other endurance horses.

In the late 90’s, we shifted our focus exclusively to Reining and expanded our horizons by adding Quarter horse mares to our herd.  Expanding on the family's early successes, with the extensive knowledge and insight of Carolyn's expertise in performance and color genetics, we have focused on Quarter Horse mares that embody extreme athleticism within their blood, and that have multiple money earners within their tail female lines, to use with our 3-Time NRHA World Champion Reining Horse, Hollywood White.  

We were fortunate enough to acquire Hollywood White on lease, and in 2004 formed the Hollywood White Partnership to purchase him. Many of the Hollywood White get have been exported to Australia, Europe, and Mexico.

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